What's in the box?

For now, just the device itself and a manual with instructions and information. This is all you need to get started, but we have additional accessories and products coming soon that will work seamlessly with LEVO.

Watch our unboxing video for a quick guide to setting up your new LEVO. This handy photo can help identify the pieces included.

How long will LEVO take to ship?

We aim to ship LEVO within 1-2 business days of receiving your order. If there is a backorder for your specific item, you'll be notified by email for any delay. You'll also recieve a tracking number when it's on the way!

Are there cooking directions?

Why yes, there are! Please visit the Get Cooking tab to identify recommended temperatures and cooking times depending on the ingredients of your choice. Our blog is chock full of recipes, too.

How does it work?

It's as simple as it looks. First, add the herb & oil of your choice. Second, set the time and temperature via the labeled buttons on the front of your LEVO. Thirdly, dispense your uniquely infused creation into the vessel of your choice (we recommend a mason jar as LEVO can prepare up to 16 oz at a time). Lastly, throw reservoir into the dishwasher for easy clean up.

Don't fret though- your LEVO will come with detailed directions & a quickstart guide included inside.

Do you take international orders?

We're working on bringing LEVO to kitchens around the world, but currently ship only within the US and Canada. Want to be first in line? Sign up for our International Waiting List HERE.

Please note that LEVO will currently require an adapter depending on your location. LEVO's electronic specs are: 110V, 50/60Hz and 250W.

I have a question about tCheck!

For any questions about tCheck, please visit their FAQ page here.

Is there a warranty?

LEVO comes with a factory warranty of it's parts for 1 year. We want to make sure you're thrilled with your purchase and will be standing by after your product has been delivered for any support issues or queries. Please note that LEVO's Warranty is only applicable when purchased from LEVO or an Authorized Retailer. For more information, head here.

 What's your return policy?

We accept returns on unused merchandise within 15 days of receiving your unit, minus the cost of shipping. We offer free returns or exchanges for any defective or damaged merchandise. You can find our full Return Policy here.

Can I use LEVO to make tinctures?

LEVO is designed for infusing oil and butter, and is not for use with grain alcohol.

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